Adopt A Pet

The Pope Memorial SPCA has an interest in ensuring that animals placed in a new home will be in that new home for life. Please complete an application to begin the process of finding a new pet to add to your family. Adoption fees help with just a fraction of the cost to care for the many pets that stay at our shelter. Adoptable pets are up to date on required vaccines and most are spayed or neutered. Additional information about each pet is available, including when possible, past medical treatments and veterinary care.

At the Pope Memorial SPCA, we embrace a multi-step adoption process to ensure the best match between you/your family and our adoptable animals.  Required steps in the pre-adoption process for all available animals include:

  1. Meet the animal and engage in an open interview with a team member to discuss your desires in a new pet as well as potential limitations in the future home based on the animal’s personality profile and history
  2. A fully completed application,in-person or online (We are unable to process incomplete applications)
  3. A thorough veterinary check regarding current and previous animals cared for by you/your family
  4. A thorough property verification process by confirming pet allowance via contact with property management, rental company, or homeowner’s association

Special Note about Kitten Adoptions: Kittens are in high demand.  We strive to match families with kittens based on many factors, so we strongly encourage you to be specific about what you’re looking for in a kitten when you fill out the adoption application. When a kitten does become available, we will call the list of matching potential adopters to see if you are interested and available to adopt at that point. FYI: kittens seen online or at an event are most likely already matched with a family but there’s no harm in specifying a kitten you’ve seen! Please be patient with us as we try to accommodate all of our potential adopters.

We aim to ensure that your experience at the Pope Memorial SPCA is one of consistency and outstanding care, just as we provide for all animals that come through our doors.  Thank you for choosing our organization as your adoption and animal-welfare center.


PDFs to download/print
Dog Adoption Application
Cat Adoption Application
Small Animal Adoption Application

Adoption Fees
Kitten (under 1 year) $175
Adult (1 year through 6 years)  $125
Mature (7 years up to 12 years) $100
Senior Cat (over 12 years) $50

Puppy (up to 1 year) $375
Adult (over 1 year) $300
Senior Large Breed (over 8 years) $175
Senior Small Breed (under 30 pounds and over 12 years) $175

Small Animals
Rats $10    Rabbits $50    Guinea Pigs $25
Ferrets $75     Small Birds $25

Senior Citizen Discount
For those who are 62 years or older
$25 off any cat or dog Adoption

Military Discount
A discount of $25 off from any dog or cat adoption fee will be given with a proof of military ID.

We like to hear how your newest family member is doing in their new home.  Please take a minute to complete a brief survey.