aa-in-memory-of-jake-with-cat aa-in-memory-of-jakeArk Angels

Ark Angels are members who express their on-going commitment to the animals by sponsoring a cat cage or dog kennel. Ark Angel memberships include all member benefits PLUS a unique listing in our newsletter, Annual Report and a special announcement displayed on the cage/kennel at the Shelter. Ark Angel memberships can serve as memorials or honorariums to animal friends and loved ones, or simply be a way for you to say “I care.”

For more information, please contact us at 856-8756.
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A special thanks to our current Ark Angels

Cat Lovers

  • Mary Wirth
  • John & Joan Leggett, in memory of Christine Keller: beloved sister, compassionate cat lover
  • Leah Gray, because they all need a forever home
  • Jonathan & Cynthia White
  • Andrew & Elizabeth Featherman
  • Stephen Saturley
  • Elizabeth Paul, in memory of Bombur T. Cat
  • Cherylanne Williams, in memory of Chaka
  • David Dubiel & Janet Levenson, in memory of Micky
  • David Dubiel & Janet Levenson, in memory of Lucy
  • Mary Whitman, from Allie
  • Sandi Sterling, in honor of Cheryl Woundy: changing lives on person and furbaby at a time
  • Olivia Nason, for all the animals with no family of their own, Love Miss Olivia Nason

Dog Lovers

  • Anonymous, in memory of Victoria, Co-Canine Mayor of Concord, NH 2012
  • Anonymous, in memory of Joe Bazinet, GCG, TD & VGB
  • Anonymous, in memory of Sera, CGC, Pope Memorial SPCA Class of 2013
  • Tiffany Delisi, true friends leave paw prints on your heart–with love Tiffany & Stella Bean
  • Jonathan & Cynthia White
  • John & Joan Leggett, in memory of Ash Garrettson, Animal Lover
  • Janet Levenson & David Dubiel, In Memory of Dexter