Community Cat Initiative

Generously supported by CherylAnne Williams


Who are “Community Cats”?

Community Cats are unidentified stray (ranging from aloof to friendly) and feral (wild and unfriendly) cats and kittens. They have no identified owner or caretaker and live outdoors, roaming free in the woods or rural and urban areas throughout all 31 towns and cities in Merrimack County.


Scope of the Problem

In 2016, 267 unidentified cats entered the doors at PMSPCA, roughly 1/3 of all cats. Only 39 were claimed by owners. 228 cats were NOT claimed, each one presenting a challenge and each one deserving a chance at life.

Each cat will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and has tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV.  These streetwise felines will gladly provide you with rodent services in payment for their room and board.  In return, your obligation would be to provide daily food and water, protection from the elements, and vet care as needed.


Community Cat Initiative Goals

• to humanely reduce the number of community cats;
• to assure, insofar as possible, that the remaining outdoor cat population has the best possible access to food and shelter.


Community Cat Initiative Made Possible by CherylAnne Williams

“Cats have been my constant companions, and the care and well-being of cats who have not been as fortunate as my own is of great concern to me.  Educating the public regarding all aspects of quality cat life and care is an extraordinary opportunity for me, and for Pope Memorial SPCA.  I hope you will join us in this amazing endeavor!”

CherylAnne will readily admit that pets have been a most steadfast comfort since she was a girl. “As each door closed and another opened, there were animals in my life. A dog, cats, birds, fish. I was an only child and they were my siblings. As we moved from base to military base, I saw what could happen to pets left behind. I learned the importance of providing a safe home—forever.”

Now retired, CherylAnne spends her time being active—Zumba, ballroom dancing, aerialist activities (trapeze and silks) and doting on her four indoor-only cats—three rescues and a pure-bred Maine Coon.



Adopt a Barn Cat

Learn more about Pope Memorial SPCA’s Barn Cat Program.


Need Help?

Contact us at: 603-856-8756.


Further Resources

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