Cheryl L. Avery, Executive Director
603-856-8756 x226

Cathy Emerson, Director of Operations
603-856-8756 x222

Tona McCarthy, Director of Field Services
603-856-8756 x240

Shannon Camara, Director of Educational Outreach
603-856-8756 x224

Taira Mullen, Business Manager
603-856-8756 x223

Eve Scarcello, Development Assistant
603-856-8756 x333

Frankie Brown, Animal Care Manager/Lead Veterinary Technician
603-856-8756 x230

Nancy Protzmann, Veterinary Assistant
603-856-8756 x229

Justin Nadolski, Guest Services Manager (Adoptions/Intakes/Volunteer Program)
603-856-8756 x336

Sarah Kirsch, Guest Services Associate
603-856-8756 x227

Adrea Adair, Guest Services Associate
603-856-8756 x227

Christine Gaydos, Guest Services Associate
603-856-8756 x227

David Leach, Guest Services Associate/Animal Care Technician
603-856-8756 x227

Nicole Daniels, Animal Care Technician

Renee Voydatch, Animal Care Technician

Samantha Stein, Animal Care Technician

Jen Verville, Animal Care Technician

Eli Spern, Animal Care Technician

Emily Dwyer, Animal Care Technician

Emily Girard, Animal Care Technician