Animal Surrender

Please read this entire page before calling us as we take the decision of surrendering a pet very seriously. We are a limited-admission facility, meaning that we take surrendered pets by appointment only and only after a review of personality profile(s) and veterinary records.  Again, please read this entire page before calling us to set up a surrender interview.

Before Considering the Surrender of A Pet

Consider additional training. If you are giving up your pet due to behavior problems, consider contacting a local trainer or the SPCA for tips and tricks to help correct the problem. Most problems can be reduced or eliminated with professional help.

Talk to your veterinarian about allergies or other health issues. Allergies are the most common reason pets are given up. Most pet allergies are caused by pet dander, not fur. You can keep dander to a minimum by routinely brushing and bathing your pet. Also, vacuum your home and wash bedding often. Do not forget to continually clean counters and other surfaces too. Nutritional supplements and/or certain brands of pet foods assist with skin and coat problems in pets. Consult with your veterinarian or local pet food store.

Find a new home. Ask friends, family, co-workers, neighbors or your veterinarian if they may be able to provide a new home for your pet or know of someone who can. If you own a purebred consider contacting a Breed Rescue Organization. 

Please follow the correct actions.  Do not abandon your pet outside; it is unlawful to abandon animals under RSA 644:8.  Not only is it illegal and dangerous, but your pet’s chance to be adopted is greater when surrendered by you along with any behavior and medical history that you can share with the shelter.


Initiating the Surrender Process

The decision to surrender a pet to a shelter is a difficult one. Please be assured that the we are here to help animals in need.  Once in our care, we promise that he/she will be provided for with regards to enrichment, behavioral, and medical needs.  It is important to know that once an animal is surrendered into our care, all access to and updates about the animal are not given to the previous owner as the Pope Memorial SPCA newly claims ownership to the animal and becomes bound to her/his well-being.

We are a SPECIAL ADMISSION shelter. This means we do not euthanize an animal due to limited space or time. To keep with this policy we must admit animals by appointment only.  At times we do have a waiting list and we will schedule your appointment at the earliest date possible. To set up a surrender appointment, please call us at 603-856-8756; we will discuss obtaining the following documents:

After review of all documents, we will contact you about surrender eligibility or alternate resources.

If your pet is eligible for a surrender appointment, please ensure that he or she is current on all vaccinations. A pet that is current on vaccinations and has been spayed/neutered will have a shorter stay at the shelter.

Admission Fee
Fees cover only a small percentage of the costs it requires to care for your pet during their stay at the shelter. Fees for surrendering pets are as follows:

  • Dog $40
  • Cat $25
  • Mother Cat & Her Kittens $60
  • Ferret $25
  • Rabbit $15
  • Small Bird $15
  • Guinea Pig $10
  • Small Rodent $5
  • Stray Cat/Dog $25 (suggested donation)

All fees are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.


Lost Pets

If your pet is missing, then please call us at 603-856-8756 and we will do our best to respond in a timely fashion.  Please be ready to provide photo(s), where (crossroads, town/city) and when the animal was last seen, name, approximate age, whether with microchip or not, and any additional information that you believe will be important for us to know.

When reporting a lost cat, please check NH’s Lost Cat Network/ for helpful tips on finding your cat. Also please check our Facebook page regularly for postings about stray cats that are brought in to us.

Other options for those who have lost a pet is to contact local veterinarians, place an ad in the newspaper, post it on Craig’s List and contact area shelters/humane societies. Dogs can also be reported to the Granite State Dog Recovery, if lost in NH.  You can also place flyers in your community to assist in locating your pet.