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About Pope Memorial SPCA

Our Mission: The Pope Memorial SPCA is dedicated to caring for abandoned and homeless pets, protecting and advocating for pets in need, and promoting the humane treatment of all animals.

Vision Statement: The Pope Memorial SPCA envisions our community to be a safe haven for animals, where the animal-human bond is nurtured and all animals are treated with compassion and respect.

The shelter strives to place homeless animals in loving homes that are committed to their lifetime care. This goal is facilitated by medically and behaviorally evaluating all animals, providing necessary veterinary care and working closely with applicants to facilitate a successful match.

We do not euthanize animals for time or space, and many stay with us for weeks or even months waiting patiently to be adopted.

Our People

Heather Faria, Executive Director

Cathy Emerson, Director of Operations

David Leach, Asst Director of Operations

Lillian Lavery, Manager of Community Outreach

Beth Nemchick, Development Coordinator

Nancy Protzmann, Veterinary Technician

Sarah Kirsch, Adoption/Pet Intake Counselor

Nicole Daniels, Kennel Manager

Madison Frost, Animal Care Technician

Jorja Douzanis, Animal Care Technician

Cassidy Manter, Animal Care Technician

Haley Dawn, Animal Care Technician

Emily Roberts, Animal Care Technician

Andria Norris, Animal Care Technician

Meghan Hamlin, Adoption/Pet Intake Counselor

Jen Hall, Adoption/Pet Intake Counselor

Our Board of Directors

President: Judy Goodnow (2015)

Vice President: Allyson Moore Esq. (2021)

Treasurer: Renee Sullivan CPA (2021)

Secretary: Jennifer Raimer (2020)

Tracy Banks (2019)

Brian Bickford CFA CFP (2021)

Jim Cotsana (2023)

Steve DeStefano (2023)

Melissa Fisk (2023)

Deborah Greenwood (2022)

Tom Heck DVM (2019)

Heidi Placy (2023)

Terry Wiegelman (2022)

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