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Adoptable pets

Congratulations on taking the first step towards adopting a new pet!

To begin, please fill out the online application. Even if you do not see the pet for you on our web site right now, we encourage you to complete the application so that our adoption counselors can contact you when we do have a good match - this happens quite often. And keep checking back!

A special note about kittens - if you are interested in adopting a kitten please complete the online adoption application. You will be notified via email when kittens become available. Generally kittens are not promoted on our web site.

Responsible pet owners know that the care of a pet is more than just providing food, water and shelter. It is a commitment for the lifetime of that animal. Please be prepared to answer questions about your life, your home and how you plan to care for your pet. This information assists us in matching you with a pet that is sure to become a beloved family member and companion.


Thank you for your willingness to open your home to a pet in need!

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