Meet Our Board of Directors

From across our communities and encompassing all walks of life and professions, our dedicated volunteer board of directors provides leadership, governance and a broad range of supporting efforts to meet the demands of our mission. 

Jason Craven Esq. (2014)

Bow, NH


Jason is an attorney specializing in corporate and real estate law.  He, along with his wife and two daughters, enjoy donating their time to help homeless pets and currently have two dogs and six cats as part of their family.


“I was first drawn to the agency by its great mission.  The shelter both responds to the immediate needs of animals as well as works for longer term solutions in support of animal welfare.  The shelter is a critical part of our caring community.”    

Judy Goodnow (2015)


Bow, NH


A retired trust attorney, Judy had also been the proud “pet mom” of the late Farley, an adopted shelter rescue cat.  She now has a “wild and wonderful” Burmese cat named Moose.


“I first became connected to the shelter as a volunteer dog walker and had the wonderful opportunity to see the agency’s impact close-up before I was asked to join the board.  I truly enjoy the scope of our work and the vital role we play in the community.” 

Phil Vecchione (2017)


Bow, NH


An experienced Business Improvement Consultant, Phil’s support of animal welfare dates back over three decades when before he moved to New Hampshire, he and his wife Michele took in an abandoned dog.  They have had several dogs since, and really love golden retrievers like their nine-year-old Josie. 


“I’m really proud of the impact the shelter has in our community.  It’s all about the animals.  Be it providing services to animals or advocating for change with our legislature, we have an enduring impact.”

Kim Pecora (2017)

Board Treasurer

Hopkinton, NH


Kim is a senior tax manager at Baker, Newman Noyes.  She has a 16 year-old mixed breed dog named Piper.


“I joined the board at the Pope Memorial SPCA because I strongly believe in the cause,” she says.  “As a board volunteer, its gratifying to see close-up the work our agency does both in terms of animal health and welfare and helping place pets in loving households.  I strongly feel we are making a real difference in our community.” 

Tom Heck DVM (2019)


Contoocook, NH


Owner of Cilley Veterinary Clinic, Tom has a unique perspective on the connection of pets with their owners.  “Pets are viewed as close family members much of the time,” he said.  “They are integral parts of the household and that connection is so very important to people.”


At home, Tom and his family share their residence with 2 chickens, 3 cats and 3 dogs.  The newest member of Tom’s “pet family” is a puppy that arrived earlier this year.

“I always wanted to be a Vet,” Tom said.  “There’s a great deal of satisfaction when you are able to help someone by caring for their pet.  The SPCA’s cause is especially important to me and I’m appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Board.”

Karen Moran (2015)

Past President

Webster, NH  


Karen is a retired advertising executive.  She and her husband Dan are the proud “parents” of Harris and Hitchens, 2 cats they adopted from the SPCA as kittens.


“I love the work our agency does by connecting pets in need of a home with loving pet parents, educating the community on animal health and welfare and advocating for positive change with elected officials.”

Vince Trento (2012)


Bow, NH


Vince is co-owner of Rumford Stone, and along with his wife have three cats: Willow, a calico rescue; Buddha, a male black and white tuxedo cat who plays fetch constantly; and Snuggles, the newest member of the household is a 15-month-old from the SPCA.


“I was first connected to the agency as part of the construction committee for the new facility and came onto the board a year later,” he says.  “I deeply believe in our mission of connecting pets to families and strongly feel we are helping make a difference in building a stronger community.”

Carole Palmer (2020)


Penacook, NH  


A retired Professor Emerita from Tufts University School of Medicine, Carole has been volunteering in animal welfare for over 20 years and is a proud pet parent of four rescue dogs: a rat terrier, miniature pinscher, chihuahua/minpin mix, and Chihuahua (listed by size).

“Pets can play such a positive role in the emotional health and well-being of their owners,” Carole says.  “Having seen first-hand those critical connections being made and the impact they have, I am very much looking forward to doing whatever I can to promote the cause of our agency.  I also very much appreciate the role we play in educating young people about pet health and welfare.”

Jennifer Raimer (2020)


Loudon, NH  


A Director of Talent Management for Merchants Automotive Group, Jen is serving her second stint on the board. Her first was in 2009 when she played a role in planning and fundraising for the construction project for the SPCA’s current location in Concord.

“I was first drawn to the agency due to its mission,” she says.  “That and my love of animals.  The staff and volunteers are completely devoted to the cause and I’m excited to be connected once again.”  

Jen’s “furry family members” are a Havanese named Bella and a Shi Tzu named Brady, both adopted from Pope Memorial SPCA. “I love the work that the SPCA does,” she says.  “I’m particularly proud of the way we advocate on behalf of animal rights and help protect pets against abuse and neglect.”

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