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John J Hickey & Sandy E Sanel Dog Park
 Terrill Park, 7 Manchester Street, Concord, NH

Dog Park August 2020.jpg

​The Dog is open from dawn until dusk. Overnight parking is not permitted.

The Park is carry in/carry out, and you must be responsible for your dog's waste and all personal trash. See below for all Rules for the Dog Park.

Dog Park Rules

  1. All dog owners must “scoop the poop” and properly remove and dispose. The park is 100% carry out.

  2. Handlers must be in the off-leash area and supervise their dogs at all times. No more than two dogs per handler at any time.

  3. Aggressive dogs must be removed immediately.

  4. All dogs must have proof of current license and vaccinations.

  5. No puppies under 4 months allowed: older puppies must have completed their shots.

  6. No female dogs in heat allowed.

  7. No animals other than dogs are permitted.

  8. Handlers are responsible for filling in holes that their dogs dig.

  9. Dogs must be leashed when entering or existing the off-leash area.

  10. No choke or prong collars, gentle leaders or halties allowed in the off-leash area.


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