Adopt a pet at Pope Memorial SPCA

Starting Saturday, March 28th Pet Adoptions are ON HOLD until the Stay at Home order is lifted.
We look forward to connecting people and pets later this spring. Be safe, be kind – and stay healthy!

Congratulations on taking the first step in opening your home to a pet in need! We are excited to work with you! We have an interest in ensuring that animals placed in a new home will be in that home for life. Towards that end, please review the process below. Links to our applications are to the right - and applications are also available at the shelter.

  1. Complete an application. Please be willing to share some details about your home and lifestyle so we can match you with an animal that will enjoy the things that you enjoy.

  2. Review our adoptable pets and meet them at our shelter with the assistance of a member of our animal care team. We do ask that all members of the family participate in this process.

  3. Consent to a vet check - this just means that one of our staff will confirm that your current and/or previous animals receive basic veterinary care such as a rabies vaccination (required by law) basic vaccinations and are spayed/neutered. This is also a chance to review with your vet any unique medical requirements that your new pet may have.

  4. Provide confirmation that you are allowed to own pets at your current residence. This can be accomplished by speaking to property management, rental company, or homeowner’s association - or providing written documentation.

We work hard to make this process as easy as possible and in many cases are able to complete same-day adoptions. Please note that when adopting a new dog we do require an on-site meet-and-greet with any dogs currently in your household.


A special note about kitten adoptions: kittens are in high demand so we encourage you to submit an application as soon as you are ready to adopt.  We strive to match families with kittens based on many factors so please be specific about what you're looking for. We will call you when a kitten that matches what you've described in your application becomes available. FYI: Kittens seen online or at public events may already be matched with a family but you can still inquire if they're available for adoption. Please be patient with us as we try to accommodate all of our potential kitten adopters!


Barn Cats: please visit our Barn Cat program page for information. 

Online Adoption

Adoption fees off-set a fraction of the cost of care that animals receive during their stay at the shelter. Adoptable pets are up-to-date on required vaccines and are spayed/neutered. (Fees may be subject to change.)

Kitten (under 1 year) $200
Adult (1 year through 6 years)  $125
Mature (7 years up to 12 years) $100
Senior Cat (over 12 years) $50

Barn Cats (for a pair) $40

Puppy (up to 1 year) $400
Adult (over 1 year) $325
Senior Large Breed (over 8 years) $175
Senior Small Breed (under 30 pounds and over 12 years) $175

Small Animals
Rats $10    Rabbits $50    Guinea Pigs $25
Ferrets $75     Small Birds $25

Senior Citizen Discount
For those who are 62 years or older
$25 off any cat or dog Adoption

Military Discount
A discount of $25 off from any dog or cat adoption fee will be given with a proof of military ID.

We like to hear how your newest family member is doing in their new home.  Please take a minute to complete a brief survey.

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