Sponsor a Kennel

Sponsoring a cat condo or dog kennel is a great way to express your on-going commitment to the animals in need in our community. Kennel sponsor plaques can serve as memorials or honorariums to animal friends and loved ones, or simply be a way for you to say “I care.”

For more information and to arrange for a custom plaque, please contact us at 603-856-8756 ext 333.


Cat Lovers

  • The Rogers Family/In Memory of Marilyn Woodard, Devoted Protector of Animals

  • Mary Whitman & Allie/Thank you for taking such good care of me

  • Brite Magic Carpets Cleaners, LLC/In Honor of Doug Piroso

  • Cherylanne Williams, In Memory of Chakra, Harlequin & Ninja

  • Joan & John Leggett/In Memory of Christine Keller, Beloved Sister, Compassionate Cat Lover

  • Marty Wagner/In Memory of My Beloved Willie

  • Alice Sidebecker/The Lane Family Loves Pope Memorial SPCA

  • Mary Wirth

  • Elizabeth Paul/In Memory of Bombur T. Cat

  • Andrew & Elizabeth Featherman/In Loving Memory of Cooper James, et al​

  • Susan Pagano/The Pagano-O'Sullivan Family - In honor of Francesca's teachers and Susan's co-workers at Epsom Central School

  • Beverly Butler/The more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to be protected by man from the cruelty of man. -Mahatma Gandhi

  • Jonathan & Cynthia White​


Dog Lovers

  • Jonathan & Cynthia White

  • Karen Boselli/Every dog deserves a loving home

  • Anonymous, in memory of Victoria, Co-Canine Mayor of Concord, NH 2012

  • Anonymous, in memory of Joe Bazinet, GCG, TD & VGB

  • Anonymous, in memory of Sera, CGC, Pope Memorial SPCA Class of 2013

  • John & Joan Leggett, in memory of Ash Garrettson, Animal Lover​


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