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Anxious dogs can be a challenge to live with and train. They need a special kind of human and understanding, not just the how but the WHY behind the anxiety can make a huge difference in helping them.


Learn what defines anxiety in dogs, what can cause it, and the various techniques, methods and other ideas that can help both you and your dog live happily together.

Program fee is nonrefundable.

When: Tuesday, May 28 | 5:30 - 6:30pm

Where: Banks Humane Education Center, 95 Silk Farm Rd, Concord, NH


10 Year Anniversary Party!



The shelter is turning 10! Help us to celebrate on June 1!

Join us for shelter tours, ice cream, prizes and more!


Meet adoptable dogs, cats, small animals, plus our staff and volunteers! 

When: Saturday, June 1 | 11am - 1pm

Where: Pope Memorial SPCA, 94 Silk Farm Rd, Concord, NH

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