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Yoga with Pets

Love baby animals and yoga? We’ve blended the two! You may have a kitten on the mat purring next to you, a puppy joining you in downward dog, or a bunny hopping mat to mat. We’re offering these unique adult all level yoga classes, lead by a local certified yoga instructor, Carol Ellis, as we have young animals in the shelter.


Please bring your own yoga mat and additional props or accessories (blocks, straps, bolsters).

$25 non-refundable fee; participants must be 18+

All yoga sessions are held in the Banks Humane Education Center at 95 Silk Farm Rd, across from the shelter.

Classes are offered as we have suited shelter animals in-house. 

Upcoming classes:

Yoga Poses & Puppy Noses 

Wednesday, May 1 | 5:30-6:30pm

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